Winter wasn’t ready to depart Minnesota, not even to accommodate the start of the Minnesota Twins baseball season in April 2013.  With more snow in the forecast for two upcoming game days, the Minnesota Twins decided to embrace the wintry weather and coined a brand new baseball “season”: Sprinter.   They called Creative Resources at 11:30 one morning, in need of 4,000 Sprinter buttons by 5:00 pm that day.


Creative Resources jumped into action, reaching out to a trusted Minnesota factory partner to see if 4,000 buttons delivered in less than 6 hours was even possible.  With incredible team effort from the button factory staff and the Minnesota Twins, Creative Resources produced and delivered the buttons in record time.


The Sprinter buttons are a terrific testament to how Creative Resources can make the impossible possible – through incredible partnership with our factory partners and close collaboration with our clients.  The Twins home games on April 12th -13th 2013 will be known forever as the Sprinter Games of 2013, and the fans who braved the snow have buttons to commemorate their loyal attendance!