The team at Salo, a Minneapolis-based financial staffing firm, loved the meaning behind the Japanese Lucky Cat, or maneki-neko (literally, ‘beckoning cat’). In Japanese culture, Lucky Cats are considered talismans or lucky charms.  In the U.S., Lucky Cats are often seen displayed prominently in restaurant or storefront windows.  The cats’ beckoning paws are said to attract luck and success.  Salo approached Creative Resources in search of their very own Lucky Cat client appreciation gifts.


Creative Resources designed an ears-to-paws Salo-colored Lucky Cat, complete with a Salo blue bib, Salo grey collar studded with Salo orange jewels, and Salo orange nails and ears.   Working with an overseas manufacturing partner to achieve complete customization, Creative Resources ensured that the Salo Lucky Cat matched brand standards perfectly.  And we didn’t stop at the cat – we designed and produced a custom gift box that borrowed from the Lucky Cat legend but added a clever marketing twist.  The box featured a prominent Salo logo, photos of the Salo Lucky Cat and the Lucky Cat story.  The packaging also included specific directions: Place in a position of prominence.  Within 30 days you will see an increase in your ability to attract and retain top talent. If not, call Salo!


The Salo Lucky Cats were a smash hit during Salo’s annual client appreciation event and have since become an iconic component of Salo’s ongoing marketing campaign.  Take a walk through the Salo office and you will see beckoning lucky cats at every turn.