Lifetime Fitness is a leader in the movement to meet the health and nutrition needs of children.  When they needed help creating back-to-school products for their Strong For School campaign, they turned to longtime partner Creative Resources.


Creative Resources happily stepped in to create a back-to-school kit with 4 distinct Strong for School products: folders, book covers, pencils and pencil cases in a 4-color, kid friendly palette.  Our project strategy was twofold:

  1. Secure the lowest price for each item, which in this case meant partnering with 4 different factories, and
  2. Utilize our own in-house fulfillment team to ensure seamless, streamlined  delivery to 80 different LifeTime Fitness locations.


Lifetime Fitness was delighted with the products, the high print quality and the way the project came together seamlessly.  Just as important, the kids headed off with fresh school supplies and extra encouragement to be Strong For School!